Definition of 槍

  • spear
  • lance
  • javelin


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ソウ
  • ショウ
  • やり

Popular Words With This Kanji

槍, 鎗, 鑓, やり

spear, lance, javelin, lance (shogi piece), jeering

矛, 鉾, 戈, 鋒, 戟, 桙, 槍, ほこ, とかり

long-handled Chinese spear, lance, pike, weapon, arms, grip of a bow

一本やり, 一本槍, いっぽんやり

guiding principle, single-minded policy, one's sole talent

竹槍, たけやり, ちくそう

bamboo spear

槍玉, やりだま


横槍, よこやり

interruption, interference, butting in

槍先, やりさき


槍術, そうじゅつ


槍術家, そうじゅつか


鎌槍, かまやり

spear with curved cross-blades

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