Definition of 模

  • imitation
  • copy
  • mock


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)

Popular Words With This Kanji

規模, きぼ

scale, scope, plan, structure

模様, もよう

pattern, figure, design, state, condition, conjecture of the current situation, the way it seems, model, pattern, example, (after a noun) indicates that that noun seems likely (e.g. rain or storm)

大規模, だいきぼ


模索, 摸索, もさく

groping (for), exploring for a solution

小規模, しょうきぼ

small scale

模型, もけい

model, dummy, maquette

模擬, 摸擬, もぎ

imitation, sham, mock, simulation

模範, もはん

exemplar, exemplification, exemplum, model, example

象る, 形取る, 形どる, 模る, かたどる

to model on, to make in the shape of, to represent, to pattern after, to imitate, to symbolise

模す, 摸す, もす

to imitate, to copy, to mock, to replace, to trace, to forge

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