Definition of 也

  • to be (classical)


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • なり
  • また

Popular Words With This Kanji

可也, 可成, かなり

considerably, fairly, quite

也, なり

to be (an affirmation), to be (location), sum of money (used to express an exact sum on a receipt, envelope, certificate, etc.)

空也餅, くうやもち

chunky mochi made with half-polished rice, stuffed with red bean paste

時は金なり, 時は金也, 時は金成り, ときはかねなり

time is money

悪法も亦法也, あくほうもまたほうなり

A law is a law, however undesirable it may be

事実は小説より奇也, じじつはしょうせつよりきなり

Truth is stranger than fiction

弱き者よ汝の名は女也, よわきものよなんじのなはおんななり

Frailty, thy name is woman

知らぬは亭主許り也, しらぬはていしゅばかりなり

Only the husband does not know

盗人を捕らえて見れば我が子也, ぬすびとをとらえてみればわがこなり

The thief caught turn out to be one's own son

文は人也, ぶんはひとなり

The style is the man

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