Definition of 狼

  • wolf


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ロウ
  • おおかみ

Popular Words With This Kanji

狼, おおかみ, おおかめ, おいぬ, オオカミ

wolf (carnivore, Canis lupus), wolf (in sheep's clothing)

狼狽える, うろたえる

to be flustered, to lose one's presence of mind

狼狽, ろうばい

confusion, dismay, consternation, panic

狼煙, 烽火, 狼烟, のろし, ろうえん, ほうか

beacon, skyrocket, signal fire

狼煙, 烽火, 狼烟, のろし, ろうえん, ほうか

beacon, skyrocket, signal fire

狼藉, ろうぜき

violence, outrage, riot, confusion, disorder

天狼, てんろう

Sirius, the Dog Star

餓狼, がろう

hungry wolf

杯盤狼藉, はいばんろうぜき

glasses and plates being scattered about after a party or banquet, articles lying about in a jumble

灰色狼, はいいろおおかみ

(European) gray wolf (carnivore, Canis lupus lupus), grey wolf

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