Definition of 笠

  • bamboo hat
  • one's influence


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • リュウ
  • かさ

Popular Words With This Kanji

笠, かさ

conical hat (East-Asian style), coolie hat, something shaped like a conical hat, shade (of a lamp)

笠木, かさぎ

coping (architecture), top rail, cap piece, head board, what covers the top of a wall, torii or gate, not necessarily made of wood

花笠, はながさ

type of conical hat adorned with flowers (used in Japanese traditional performing arts)

陣笠, じんがさ

ancient soldier's straw hat, party rank and file

松かさ, 松笠, 松毬, 松ぼっくり, まつかさ, まつぼっくり, まつぽっくり, まつぼくり, まつふぐり

pinecone, pine cone

三度笠, さんどがさ

type of traditional Japanese conical hat

菅笠, すげがさ

sedge-woven (bamboo) hat

雨笠, あまがさ

rain hat

編み笠, 編笠, あみがさ

braided hat

編み笠, 編笠, あみがさ

braided hat

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