Is That so?

Help Me I'm Poor

this is the first lesson in premium membership

Posted 3 years ago

Can anyone lend a hand?

Posted 3 years ago

This is a business, so I doubt that administrators allow users to post some lessons that are only available to subscribers. In fact it's forbidden to copy and reproduce the contents, under penalty of membership's suspension.

Even if you could read those lessons, you won't have access to the drills or quizzes, and those are powerful tools to help you remember the contents.

I'm currently unemployed (I've been like this for a long time) and I'm still a subscriber. There are discounts from time to time, so stay tuned :)

PS: yeah, my english is horrible... Sorry

Posted 3 years ago



Dude not cool, they need it to keep the site up, if you truelly want to learn and can't afford the membership find other sources, like it's a free site mostly and you can learn a lot for free.

Posted 2 years ago