Is this site still active?

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I noticed pretty much all the threads posts are from over a year ago...where has everyone gone? The content on the site seems good and organized well with audio and what not.
Can anyone comment on the content of the intermediate - advanced courses? Say in comparison to, みんなの日本語 or Genki, and JLPT5-1
I don't know if I want to commit to paying if there's no real active community as that seemed like one of the appeals of the site.
Thank you /

Posted 8 months ago

Theres lessons for at least few years, you have nothing to fear.
Yeah, the community here isnt quite lively, you can check the chat, there are some people sometimes  :)

Posted 8 months ago


There are a few people, but some of the Achievements dont seem to work, such as King of the Mountain, this account was high score for a number of days but there wasnt any emblem added, but a Back from the Dd emblem was added; also, the Audio doesnt work for my system, Vista with older Firefx Browser, but there hasnt been any response to emails as to whether paying for Premium would enable Audio, or if the Audio will even work; which is regrettable, and trying to answer the audio questions in the quizzes by repeatedly answering may have caused my online ?Dictionary to be canceled, since this site may be using the same files for audio, but without any feedback from the site it isnt possibke to try and debug it or work around it, so even with a newer system if there are any issues it might be difficult to repair them, or to remedy any flaws in the actual material; so maybe the site isnt supported or expertly supported much anymore (this post Jan 2018, question shows posted 8 months previously)

Posted 2 days ago

Hi Hanshi.  We're working on making the groups more popular so hopefully we can get things more lively in chat.  We're looking into your issues now!  Sorry for the delay.  The holidays have been hard on our team!

Posted 2 days ago

i certainly hope this site is still active, i just joined!

Posted 1 day ago