How to Study Less and Learn More

How to Study Less and Learn More

When reading a book or working on your assignments, it can be frustrating just thinking about the time you’ll need to grasp and remember everything. Most students give up studying after a couple of minutes because they can’t get their minds to focus.

Since they can’t focus on their studies, they tend to do indulge in activities that are fun and easy such as chatting with friends, responding to emails and refreshing their social media accounts to name a few.

If you’ve been struggling to study, we have a simple solution for you. If you try the tips discussed below, you will learn and grasp things fast. And your study time will be exciting.

1.      Small study sessions always work

Your focus or concentration starts to diminish after twenty-five to thirty minutes of study. Therefore, it’s important to break your long study session into smaller sessions. When you go for short breaks, reward yourself by indulging in fun activities.

Studying for hours without breaks will make you tired and frustrated and you will hardly grasp or remember anything. Successful students and readers know how to balance their study sessions for maximum efficiency. You can also use apps that have been programmed to improve your efficiency when studying. Such apps will boost your energy levels and mental efficiency.

2.      Have an organized study area

Having a study area is important if you want to study less and learn more. Most students study in places that are most convenient to them at the moment such as in bed or near the TV. Your study area should only be used for studying.

Do not play computer games or watch movies in the area because when you start your study session, your will be tempted to indulge in fun and easy activities. You’ll find here some of the reasons why you should condition your brain to associate your study room or area with studying alone.

3.      Take notes

After reading a book or an article, most students don’t remember what they just read simply because they don’t take notes. Note taking does not only help in remembering what you learn but it also improves your understanding.

The most successful people in any field always carry their notebooks around to write down their ideas and other important information. Always take notes whenever you can because it exercises the mind. The more you exercise your mind, the sharper it gets.

4.      Teach what you learn

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you thought you understood what you’ve learnt until you tried teaching the subject to someone else? It can be confusing and intimidating at times to teach what you’ve learnt. But this is the only proof to show that you’ve mastered what you’ve learnt. If you can teach it, you understand it. Therefore, after learning something, teach it to someone. You will end up helping yourself too.

5.      Use questions

Questions are the tools with which we use to think clearly. Asking yourself questions after studying something new will help you understand and remember things easily. That’s why it’s always important to study using past examination papers from time to time.

Reading without quizzing yourself will lead to assumptions and misinterpretations. Questions will lighten your path and help you get back on track quickly. 


Do not waste your time and energy studying without proven strategies. If you want to study effectively and always have time for fun and leisure, use the tips discussed above.


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