What is the difference between Private Schools and government school?

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According to assignment help service, the differences between private and public schools are:

           School size and class size

Private schools tend to be smaller than government schools in general and thus have smaller classes. In private school, it is easier to access professors due to the smaller class environment. On the other hand, state school can have up to 200 students in a single class which makes scheduling time with professor much more difficult.

           School size can limit degree programs offered by a private school

A smaller means it might also have fewer degree choices. This does not matter so much if you have already chosen a degree and the private school you are considering offers that degree. assignment writing service




The biggest difference between them is how they are funded. State schools are being funded by tuition fees are partially government-funded and typically offer reduced tuition to in-state students.  However, private schools are not government funded and they rely on other means of funding such as donations and endowments. This means that tuition fees are higher for a private school than a public one.

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