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Community Groups are a fun way to join other people who share similar interests with you. Start practicing your Japanese by writing in their discussion forums. Create study groups to talk about new lessons you've learned.

NM Questions & Study Group

Join this group to learn more about Nihongo Master and to study with other people! If you need to study or have questions this is the perfect group for you! (You probably can tell from the name  This group includes: Get to know you!  Tips for Japanese ( Tips + Tricks to learning Japanese is always useful!) Any Nihongo Master or Japanese (in general) questions! Fun things about Japan Share the words we know (shoutout to Kitbis)! Another way to share the words we know (based off of Kitbis's)!    

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How to Study Less and Learn More

How to Study Less and Learn More

3 weeks ago
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Mangaka Group

 A place for aspiring manga artists to share work and talk about manga.

3 weeks ago
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Some Easy Steps for Brilliant Online Essay Writing

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help me with life

help me with life

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The Japanese Group

Need help on your Japanese study? Join this group to get the help and support you need because self-teaching a language can be hard.

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hey join our lovely group for anime freaks hehe

1 month ago
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Learning Japanese: Beginners

Hi everyone!!! this is for people like me who are just starting to learn japanese. I know Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji are gonna be a challenge for me, specially the Kanji, but I'll do my best. Ttell me more about you :)

1 month ago
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Dark star, is for beginners and advanced Japanese speakers, I’m yuki and I like to have some information on other Japanese speakers like you. Can’t wait to meet you

1 month ago
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Old Folks

This is a group for Japanese language learners outside of the high school age-bracket and even those past the typical college-age bracket as well.( ages 30+)My name is Lauren, I am 31. I hope I am not the only old person on Nihongo Master! If not, may my fellow "old fogies" join me :) Let's talk about things we can relate to, and amongst those close to our own age so we don't feel like weirdos!