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Community Groups are a fun way to join other people who share similar interests with you. Start practicing your Japanese by writing in their discussion forums. Create study groups to talk about new lessons you've learned.

New Features on Nihongo Master

Hey Everyone! Since we are rolling out some new features and a new look, here is a place I will post as new things get released!! 

2 years ago
Replied to the topic New Feature: Group Comments in Newsfeed

Otaku Group ^^

A place for an Otaku to share their knowledge about anime-manga, game, and japanese-stuff XD

2 years ago
Replied to the topic up to you

does nihongo master only go up to N4 equivalency?

hi guys i was just wondering if nihongo master only go up to N4 equivalency or do you have to upgrade to get the rest?

2 years ago
Replied to the topic N4 only

Help Me I'm Poor

Members who can't afford Premium Membership and can't to continue to the other lessons. You can help us by teaching us the remaning lesson for Premium Members. Thank you!    

2 years ago
Replied to the topic Is That so?

Kyoto Group

Just the crumbs academy weeb squad

2 years ago
Created Kyoto Group


Only a group for my fam !!1!!!111!!1

2 years ago
Created Family

Finding the right kanji

There are several kanji that can be mistaken for each other depending I'm context! Post here with your translation questions to get help!

2 years ago
Created Finding the right kanji

Japanese Begineers

This group is for beginners like me, who are new to japanese. Please join and have fun

2 years ago
Created Japanese Begineers

Japanese words

we put up a new word each day how its said and pronounced along with how its wrote.

2 years ago
Replied to the topic word of the day

Vivi e Mau

Nihon gakkou sei couple

3 years ago
Created Vivi e Mau