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Community Groups are a fun way to join other people who share similar interests with you. Start practicing your Japanese by writing in their discussion forums. Create study groups to talk about new lessons you've learned.

Nihongo Chat 2016

We will be holding a special moderated chat event on February 10th from 7-9pm EST. The chat will be moderated by two native Japanese speakers, including our very own Masako! You can ask questions, chat with other users, practice for the JLPT...anything you like! 

3 years ago
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Looking for Skype Buddy

Hello Everyone, THis is Manish from India, am and Intermediate japanese student. Looking for a skype buddy who I can practise my nihongo with. Thanks,

Liberty to Dream

For everyone that is studying japanese and trying the best to make a dream come true.

Maria Eduarda
4 years ago
Created Liberty to Dream

Ni hao ma

   can you came to my group ? 

4 years ago
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Punk&Electronica Japanese Music!

Hang Out and Talk About Recent Bands or Songs You've Found! Or Just Your Favorite Artist! But keep it in the Japanese Punk and/or Electronica Region Genre!

4 years ago
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Phillippine - ji or not Let's Chat

Phillippine - ji or not Let's Chat (Facebook)

Nihonggo Lovers

We love to learn nihonggo language.

4 years ago
Created Nihonggo Lovers

Asian Learners

We love reading English novels =) 

4 years ago
Created Asian Learners

Amachan-NAU!!! :3

I wanna hug amachan so hard he can't fight me off, might i potentially be killed by the other members of COF? SURE! If i can die in amchan's arms I'LL DIE HAPPILY someday when we're out shopping i want to say with a straight face "its a DAAATTEEE" and make him laugh his head off as his small eyes get even smaller. amachan always wears that red hat of his so one day i replaced it with a pair of cat ears "I wonder when he'll notice. . .!!!" Except i didn't notice him leave the apartment and when he came back...

japanese experience

discussion of the japan planet

5 years ago
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