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    There is many anime groups out there, but no Vocaloid. Here we can discuss our favourite Vocaloid songs, debate about the songs' meanings and any other Vocaloid related stuff.

1 year ago
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Join Guys lets help each other to learn.

1 year ago
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JLPT N2 Study Group

Are you studying for the JLPT N2? This group is for you! The JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the N2 is the fourth level test you take. Here is a study list of words and kanji for the JLPT N2. For more information about the JLPT N2 Exam, visit the JLPT homepage.

6 years ago
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I dunt knows :/

6 years ago
Created POWAAAA!!!!

Skype talk with other who is learning japanese!

I think it would be fun to talk to others who i learning japanese, and can help echtother with japanese :) vant to talk? write your skype :) Hope we can have fun :)

5 months ago
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web of doom

this is awesome

5 years ago
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japanese experience

discussion of the japan planet

5 years ago
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Amachan-NAU!!! :3

I wanna hug amachan so hard he can't fight me off, might i potentially be killed by the other members of COF? SURE! If i can die in amchan's arms I'LL DIE HAPPILY someday when we're out shopping i want to say with a straight face "its a DAAATTEEE" and make him laugh his head off as his small eyes get even smaller. amachan always wears that red hat of his so one day i replaced it with a pair of cat ears "I wonder when he'll notice. . .!!!" Except i didn't notice him leave the apartment and when he came back...

Asian Learners

We love reading English novels =) 

4 years ago
Created Asian Learners

Nihonggo Lovers

We love to learn nihonggo language.

4 years ago
Created Nihonggo Lovers