How To Learn Japanese Online

Our Japanese Lessons Are Easy And Fun

You can learn something new in as quick as five minutes! Entertaining stories and notes about culture keep you going!

We have Amazingly Smart Tools

Our adaptive software knows where you need to study the most and when you've mastered a new skill. Reinforce your knowledge with custom writing sheets and drills.

A Huge Motivated Community

Never learn alone as you join over 65,000 other students. Ask questions, get help and team up with others as you learn Japanese!

Take Your Studies On The Road

With our mobily friendly website, you can take your studies on the go and learn while on the go! Never stop learning!

Nihongo Master

Nihongo Master is made by people who love the Japanese language and culture. We work hard every day to make this the best online Japanese language learning resource available! Our Japanese lessons are written by native Japanese teachers. Our amazing community is made of over 80,000 people around the world, all learning Japanese together!

3 Tips On How To Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese Anytime

Find the perfect time to learn a word or some grammar - just five minutes is enough. You can plan your lessons to fit your personal schedule. Learn at your own pace and on your own time.

Communicate With The World

You can meet people from all around the world and practice your Japanese skills. Your foreign friends can become your favorite teachers and build your confidence to practice with.

Personalize Your Course

Choose the topics you are interested and study the words and kanji you are most interested in. Learn as many new lessons as you can in a day or spend the week refreshing your memory.

What Our Users Say

Nihongo Master is one of the fastest and simplest ways to learn Japanese.
From Massachusetts
The entertainment that Nihongo Master gives me while learning Japanese, such as culture notes and manga lessons, are a huge benefit to me.
From California