Study Lists

Study Lists are Community Member created lists of dictionary words and kanji which you can use to drive your Japanese studies further. Quickly add drills from these study lists to rapidly build up your vocabulary and kanji memorization skills.

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Irregular or Special class verbs

    All other verbs up to level N5

Created By: Marta
2 0 0
Godan Verbs

    All godan verbs up to level N5

Created By: Marta
83 0 1
Ichidan Verbs

All ichidan verbs up to level N5.  

Created By: Marta
34 0 1
Beginner Kanji (Second Half)

  I'll be adding all kanji I encounter on the second half of the beginner lessons as I go.

Created By: Marta
0 50 0
Persona 2


Created By: 番長
24 0 0
Tokumeki Memorial


Created By: 番長
1 0 0
Spice and wolf

Since I was gifted this light novel in Japanese, I'll add some words to this study list that I more or less forgot about

Created By: plebaap
8 3 1
Ninomiya words

Created By: Kristoffer
1 0 0
Week 48: Joyo Kanji Challenge

It's the last week of elementary school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created By: Taylor A.
0 19 1
La Pucelle


Created By: 番長
24 1 0