Practice Sheet

Week 8: Joyo Kanji Challenge

From "garden" to "road"

Character Definition

エン, その

park, garden, yard, farm

コク, たに, きわまる


ヤ, ショ, の, の-

plains, field, rustic, civilian life

ゲン, はら

meadow, original, primitive, field, plain, prairie, tundra, wilderness

リ, さと

ri, village, parent's home, league

シ, いち

market, city, town

キョウ, ケイ, キン, みやこ

capital, 10**16

フウ, フ, かぜ, かざ-, -かぜ

wind, air, style, manner

セツ, ゆき


ウン, くも, -ぐも


カイ, うみ

sea, ocean

ガン, いわ

boulder, rock, cliff

セイ, ショウ, ほし, -ぼし

star, spot, dot, mark

シツ, むろ

room, apartment, chamber, greenhouse, cellar

コ, と

door, counter for houses, door radical (no. 63)

カ, ケ, いえ, や, うち

house, home, family, professional, expert, performer

ジ, てら

Buddhist temple

ツウ, ツ, とおる, とおり, -とおり, -どおり, とおす, とおし, -どおし, かよ

traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.

モン, かど, と

gate, counter for cannons

ドウ, トウ, みち

road-way, street, district, journey, course, moral, teachings

チ, いけ

pond, cistern, pool, reservoir

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