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Study Lists are Community Member created lists of dictionary words and kanji which you can use to drive your Japanese studies further. Quickly add drills from these study lists to rapidly build up your vocabulary and kanji memorization skills.

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Created By: Scaylen
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ハリー taught

words yet to be in my note cards taught by ハリーさん

Created By: 狐の火
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qestion particles

japanese question particles like why how who when 

Created By: 狐の火
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言 - talking (similar kanji)

I notice a lot of kanji have this in one half, so I decided to find kanji that have to do with communication and use this so I can learn the...

Created By: ComaDoll
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Often used kanji that is hard to do

Created By: Maaya
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Created By: Kingofoliverjapan
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Very Hard Kanji

Created By: Maaya
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Created By: Maaya
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Different subsections and termonlogy used in Chemistry 

Created By: lawnchaircrisis
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Words related to school, learning, stationary etc 

Created By: lawnchaircrisis
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