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Have you tried other language learning resources and found you just couldn't get into it? At Nihongo Master, we did the same thing. And that's why we created, fun, simple lessons to teach you the basics and awesome, manga style comics to keep things interesting! Boredom is the enemy of learning and with Nihongo Master, you'll never be bored again.

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Learning alone with your nose in a book is never fun. And what if you have a question? Our motivated community of over 50,000 learners just like you is always there to help. Not to mention our attentive staff who answer questions daily. If you ever need help with a lesson, or just want to chat about the latest anime, we have the community to do it!

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Other learning tools may have you repeating the same words again and again, but our adaptive software knows when you've got something down and moves you on to where you need it the most. Premium members can also enjoy custom drills and printables to focus on what YOU want to learn.

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Who has time to sit at home and learn these days? With our mobile-friendly platform you can take your drills on the go and cover new lessons on the train, on the bus, or anywhere you like! Never miss a day of learning with Nihongo Master!

Our Mission

At Nihongo Master we believe that language learning should never be boring and your anime should never have subtitles!

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