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Community Groups are a fun way to join other people who share similar interests with you. Start practicing your Japanese by writing in their discussion forums. Create study groups to talk about new lessons you've learned.

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アニメ・漫画 (Anime/Manga)
We like anime. You might do too. Oh? Of course you do! In this group you're welcome to discuss newly opened series, recently aired episodes...
415 64 1 week ago
Newcomer Group
This information is still being modified Just starting out on Nihongo Master? Want to know a little bit more about the community? Then...
205 22 1 month ago
JLPT N5 Study Group
Are you studying for the JLPT N5?  This group is for you! The JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the N5 is the...
72 5 9 months ago
The Joyo Kanji Challenge
Join us as we learn all 2,136 Joyo Kanji in six months or less. All the details regarding the challenge schedule and how to learn using...
43 4 6 months ago
Learn Japanese Event Group [Reika]
Hi all! This is Réka (Reika) from Learn Japanese, a Facebook group made by learners for other learners. It is a freindly place where we...
37 4 2 years ago
favorite Japanese artist
talk about your favorite japanese artist may it be HYDE , GACKT, MIYAVI, or any other band BUT one rule they MUST be japanese ;D...
24 7 4 months ago
Old Folks
This is a group for Japanese language learners outside of the high school age-bracket and even those past the typical college-age brac...
24 3 5 months ago
Mangaka Group
 A place for aspiring manga artists to share work and talk about manga.
24 5 3 months ago
NM Questions & Study Group ლ ( ◕  ᗜ  ◕ ) ლ
Join this group to learn more about Nihongo Master and to study with other people! If you need to study or have questions this is the perfect group for...
18 11 3 weeks ago
17 4 2 years ago