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Community Groups are a fun way to join other people who share similar interests with you. Start practicing your Japanese by writing in their discussion forums. Create study groups to talk about new lessons you've learned.

favorite Japanese artist

talk about your favorite japanese artist may it be HYDE , GACKT, MIYAVI, or any other band BUT one rule they MUST be japanese ;D have fun ^^ and feel free to defend your favorite ;D

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Newcomer Group

This information is still being modified Just starting out on Nihongo Master? Want to know a little bit more about the community? Then this group might be for you! Talk with fellow upcoming Nihongo Masters or come to introduce yourself. You can also join the chatroom if you want to directly talk with other people, but don't worry if you don't get a response immediately. People tend to wander off and idle or AFK while in chat. Please keep in mind that chat is for everyone and for all ages. If people talk J...

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アニメ・漫画 (Anime/Manga)

We like anime. You might do too. Oh? Of course you do! In this group you're welcome to discuss newly opened series, recently aired episodes, upcoming series, and news. And of course, anything else that concerns anime. Manga discussion also welcome!  Stay civilised, keep your cool. Don't ruin the fun. Make sure to warn of spoilers where applicable. Discussion of adult (18+) content not permitted. よろしくね!

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Academic writing

All about academic writing.

Assignment writing

When it comes to assignment writing, there are many concepts that most writers should have or understand. Writers need to understand that different countries have different writing styles. For instance, in the Australian higher education system, there are some of the specific structures

NM Questions & Study Group

Join this group to learn more about Nihongo Master and to study with other people! If you need to study or have questions this is the perfect group for you! (You probably can tell from the name  This group includes: Get to know you!  Tips for Japanese ( Tips + Tricks to learning Japanese is always useful!) Any Nihongo Master or Japanese (in general) questions! Fun things about Japan Share the words we know (shoutout to Kitbis)! Another way to share the words we know (based off of Kitbis's)!    

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JLPT N5 Study Group

Are you studying for the JLPT N5?  This group is for you! The JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the N5 is the first level test you take. Here is a study list of words and kanji for the N5 For more information about the JLPT N5 Exam, visit the JLPT homepage.

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Buy computer rack and place your desktop accordingly!

Nowadays, managing the computer desk is not an easy task to perform. All the computer systems contain various components that are required for making them function. That is the reason it is suggested to manage the computer system properly so that it can work in the right manner. All the individuals have limited space for keeping their computer system and that is the reason it is suggested that the person should buy computer rack so as to handle the system appropriately. The rack is actually a metal frame th...

Buy Tactical Gear

Citizens who are in the army or police force face a large number of dangers almost every day and this means that their tactical gear and uniforms should be of the uppermost superiority. Thus, it is advised to buy tactical gear that is top-notch and helps them to stay safe completely. Buy tactical clothing and inventive squash boots they are dressed in having to be contented and robust. These tactical gears do not come inexpensively, as a result, it is significant to make certain they present worth for money...

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The Japanese Group

Need help on your Japanese study? Join this group to get the help and support you need because self-teaching a language can be hard.

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