Japanese Practice

Practice your Japanese with others. Try to discuss in nothing but Japanese. However, if you need to help correct someone, you can provide the help in English. Try to stick to Japanese!

Group Discussion

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ohaio minna san ! o genki desu ka, do you prefer to use o genki or daijobu desu ka when greeting , i like o genki because is sounds more warm 2 2 months ago
hello how to pass the n5 exams 2 4 months ago
自己紹介 12 4 months ago
What should i do firstly to learn nihongo? 1 6 months ago
クリスマス準備 1 6 months ago
こんにちは! 1 7 months ago
今にちわ 1 7 months ago
上級のレッスンはどのレベルまででしょうか? 1 7 months ago