JLPT N5 Study Group

Are you studying for the JLPT N5?  This group is for you! The JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the N5 is the first level test you take.

Here is a study list of words and kanji for the N5

For more information about the JLPT N5 Exam, visit the JLPT homepage.

Group Discussion

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how do you make japanese friends? 2 1 day ago
2015 JLPT N5 5 1 month ago
Who is taking the JLPT N5 this December? 9 2 months ago
Find me 0 5 months ago
What Particles were encountered? And how were they used? 1 5 months ago
Help me translate this 2 5 months ago
n5 exam preparation tips 3 1 year ago
How do I say someone’s best thing? 1 1 year ago
Material Overview & Specifics 1 1 year ago
What Verbs were encountered? And how were they used? And forms? And if Kanji, were they Onyomi or Kunyomi, and what were the meanings? 1 1 year ago