Practice Sheet


Character Definition

ジョウ, しろ


セイ, まこと

sincerity, admonish, warn, prohibit, truth, fidelity

カク, おどかす

menacing, dignity, majesty, threaten

イ, おどす, おどし, おどかす

intimidate, dignity, majesty, menace, threaten

メツ, ほろびる, ほろぶ, ほろぼす

destroy, ruin, overthrow, perish

ゲン, る, らす

dwindle, decrease, reduce, decline, curtail, get hungry

サン, セン, かけはし

scaffold, cleat, frame, jetty, bolt (door)

キョウ, はし


セン, ゼン, ぜに, すき

coin, .01 yen, money

セン, あさ

shallow, superficial, frivolous, wretched, shameful

ショウ, わた

ford, ferry, port

ヒン, しきりに

repeatedly, recur

コウ, がえんじ

agreement, consent, comply with

キ, くわだてる, たくら

undertake, scheme, design, attempt, plan

レキ, レッキ

curriculum, continuation, passage of time

ブ, ム, たけ

warrior, military, chivalry, arms

フ, ブ

levy, ode, prose, poem, tribute, installment

ショウ, あかし

evidence, proof, certificate

セイ, ショウ, まつりごと, まん

politics, government

テイ, ジョウ, さだめる, さだまる, さだ

determine, fix, establish, decide

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