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Character Definition

コン, じる, -まじり, ざる, ぜる,

mix, blend, confuse

ホウ, はなす, -っぱなし, はなつ, はなれる, く, ほう

set free, release, fire, shoot, emit, banish, liberate

ホウ, おとずれる, たずねる,

call on, visit, look up, offer sympathy

ビン, さとい

cleverness, agile, alert

シ, あぶら

fat, grease, tallow, lard, rosin, gum, tar

シ, むね, うま

delicious, relish, show a liking for, purport, will, clever, expert


hoarse, scold


brown, woollen kimono


audience, audience (with king)

カツ, かわ

thirst, dry up, parch

ショウ, あきな

make a deal, selling, dealing in, merchant

カイ, みな, みんな

all, everything


descendants, elder brother, insect

ヒ, くらべる

compare, race, ratio, Philipines

テキ, かたき, あだ, かな

enemy, foe, opponent

テキ, しずく, したた

drip, drop

テキ, かな

suitable, occasional, rare, qualified, capable

チャク, テキ

legitimate wife, direct descent (non-bastard)

ショウ, かね

bell, gong, chimes

ドウ, トウ, ひとみ