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Character Definition

バ, ばば, ばあ

old woman, grandma, wet nurse

マン, みだりに, そぞ

cartoon, involuntarily, in spite of oneself, corrupt

シュン, またたく, まじろ

wink, blink, twinkle

ソウ, ほうむ

interment, bury, shelve

レツ, はげしい

ardent, violent, vehement, furious, severe, extreme

レツ, レ

file, row, rank, tier, column

ショク, える, やす

augment, increase, multiply, raise


martyrdom, follow by resigning

ザン, サン, のこる, のこす, そこなう, のこ

remainder, leftover, balance

ヒ, こうむる, おおう, かぶる, かぶせる

incur, cover, veil, brood over, shelter, wear, put on, be exposed (film), receiving

ハ, やぶる, やぶれる

rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate

ヨク, ほっする, しい

longing, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving

ハ, なみ

waves, billows, Poland

ヒ, かわ

pelt, skin, hide, leather, skin radical (no. 107)

ショウ, てのひら, たなごころ

manipulate, rule, administer, conduct, palm of hand

ジョウ, つね, とこ-

usual, ordinary, normal, regular

トウ, なかま, むら

party, faction, clique

ショウ, める

prize, reward, praise


エン, う, -ぞ

run alongside, follow along, run along, lie along

エン, なまり