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Character Definition

フ, ける, -つける, -づける, け, け-, -つけ, -づけ, -づけ, く, -づく, き, -つき, -つき, -づき, -づき

adhere, attach, refer to, append

トウ, から

T'ang, China


ease, peace


apprehend, chase

グン, れる, れ, むら, むらがる

flock, group, crowd, herd, swarm, cluster

タイ, える

-proof, enduring


demand, request, need



タン, はし, は, はた, -ばた, はな

edge, origin, end, point, border, verge, cape

マン, バン, ちる, つ, たす

full, fullness, enough, satisfy

キョク, がる, げる, くま

bend, music, melody, composition, pleasure, injustice, fault, curve, crooked, perverse, lean

ソウ, う, わせる

encounter, meet, party, association, interview, join

ソウ, ふね

vat, tub, tank

ト, トウ

Big Dipper, 10 sho (vol), sake dipper, dots and cross radical (no. 68)

チョウ, トウ, しゃべる, ついば

talk, chat, chatter


commonplace, ordinary, employment

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