Practice Sheet

Week 26: Joyo Kanji Challenge

From "Raise" to "Plum"

Character Definition

キョ, げる, がる, こぞ

raise, plan, project, behavior, actions

カイ, あらためる, あらたまる

reformation, change, modify, mend, renew, examine, inspect, search

キュウ, すく

salvation, save, help, rescue, reclaim

ハイ, やぶれる

failure, defeat, reversal

サン, る, らす, -ちらす, らかす, らかる, ばら

scatter, disperse, spend, squander


fee, materials

キ, はた

national flag, banner, standard


yesterday, previous


scenery, view

サイ, シュ, もっとも, つま

utmost, most, extreme

ボウ, モウ, のぞむ, もち

ambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect

マツ, バツ, すえ

end, close, tip, powder, posterity

ミ, ビ, いまだ, だ, ひつじ

un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac

サツ, ふだ

tag, paper money, counter for bonds, placard, bid


lumber, log, timber, wood, talent

ソク, たば, たばねる, つか, つかねる

bundle, sheaf, ream, tie in bundles, govern, manage, control

ショウ, まつ

pine tree

カ, たす, はたす, -はたす, てる, -はてる,

fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed

エイ, ヨウ, さかえる, え, -ばえ, える, え

flourish, prosperity, honor, glory, splendor

アン, つくえ

plan, suggestion, draft, ponder, fear, proposition, idea, expectation, worry, table, bench

バイ, うめ


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