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I’ve worked extensively with foreign language learning materials (primarily Slavic), and I am very impressed at how well the short online learning capsules break down grammatical concepts into short easy explanations that are very approachable for someone with no background in East Asian Languages.

Will Morgan

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Master Fluent Japanese for Work, School, Travel, Love, or to Enjoy Pop Culture

Are you moving to or visiting Japan and need to learn Japanese? Or maybe you need to learn it because of work, school, a new relationship, or you simply want to watch your favorite Japanese anime shows without having to read pesky subtitles.

No matter your need or desire to learn the Japanese language, Nihongo Master’s user-friendly online learning platform offers you everything you need in one place. Now you can finally say goodbye to boring language lesson books or tedious online courses, and say hello to a fun, exciting and fully engaging way to learn Japanese!

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Everything you’ll discover inside the Nihongo Master online platform is created by our team of seasoned experts (from young teens to experienced professionals). The goal? To take your skills of reading, writing, and speaking fluent Japanese to the next level – no matter if you’re a total newbie or someone with previous knowledge or experience.

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Kana Reading
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
    house; residence; dwelling
    Example sentence
    に帰りましょう Why don't we go home?
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24/7 Online Access to Our Advanced Japanese Dictionary

Stuck on the correct meaning, spelling, or usage of a specific word, kanji or phrase?

The Nihongo Master Japanese/English dictionary is here to save you a whole lot wasted time, hassles, and headaches! In a matter of seconds, you can browse the entire Japanese dictionary, create customized study lists, and even test your knowledge with our captivating flash cards.

This simple, yet in-depth dictionary, is available to you online or can be accessed via our handy iOS and Android apps! Explore the dictionary for yourself right now to see everything it has to offer you on your Japanese language journey.

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Intelligent SMART Tools That’ll Make Learning Japanese Easy Breezy!

Imagine having access to online tools that could detect what you already know, and where you need to focus next during your Japanese language learning journey?

Luckily for you, now you will, thanks to Nihongo Master! Here's the exclusive learning tools we've created to help you…

  • Time-Tested Drills

    Learn Japanese faster thanks to our time-tested drills that cover everything from grammar, words, and Kanji. Who knew language drills could be so fun?

  • Customized Study Lists

    Create your own customized study lists made with specific words and Kanji that interest you the very most - with a few simple quick clicks!

  • Writing Practice Sheets

    Speaking Japanese is important, but so is writing it. Our practice sheets are designed to help you not only write in Japanese easily, but also correctly.

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  • Community of friendly Japanese language students
  • Customize your drills with words and kanji from our dictionary
  • Print customized sheets to practice writing Kanji
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