Best of Japanese Commercials - Nov 2018 Edition

Published November 2nd, 2018

Japan has a reputation for having some of the most entertaining television commercials in the world. Remember that this country did give us those Alien Jones Boss Coffee commercials starring American actor Tommy Lee Jones a few years ago. This is why I’ve decided that as a monthly treat, we’re going to take a look at some of the best TV ads to come to us from Japan. In this month’s feature, we’ll be taking a look at a series of ads which promoted Nissin instant kitsune udon which ran last year culminating in a touching Christmas ad. The joke here is that kitsune can mean fox but it also refers to a type of noodle dish which features fried tofu on top (yummy!). The series of ads star actor, idol, and voice actor Gen Hoshino and film and television actor Riho Yoshioka as the fox girl. Let’s take a look!

Got any favorite Japanese commercials of your own? Share them in the comments and let the rest of us see what makes you smile!