Delicious traditional Japanese treats with your gorgeous Sakuraco Box Subscription

Published April 5th, 2022

Amazing Beauty & Incredible Quality

There are many Japanese snack boxes on the market, but not many like the Sakuraco box. If you want a taste of traditional Japanese foods, straight from Japan, Sakuraco. box is the way to go! Experience Japan's unique and beautiful culture with a wide variety of goodies every month! Each box includes an informative packet about the snacks and tea inside, including the local businesses that have helped prepare the foods, so you can learn about lesser-known parts of Japan's culture as you snack! This box is truly worth it if you want to learn about Japan and its culture on a personal level. See more about all your box possibilities here!

Each box is themed around a certain region, season, etc., and they are packed with snacks that will keep you filled until the next box arrives! Below are some of the highlights from the box I received, which was all about Mount Fuji and its surrounding areas.

Awase Fruit Jelly. I have never gotten jelly in a subscription box before, so this was quite a surprise! This jelly has a delicious, light apple taste. The fruit in it--including a cherry from Yamanashi--were still fresh.

Red Fuji Cookies. These cookies pay homage to the Mount Fuji with their shape. These adorable little chocolate cookies are in the shape of Fuji-san, with strawberry icing on top to mimic the snow. They are very similar to the famous Apollo chocolates in Japan--and they were one of my favorites in the box!

The Kyoho Grape Chocolate Crunch snacks tasted like nothing I’ve had before. These treats are made of toasted corn flakes covered in chocolate. The chocolate is infused with grapes from Kyoho, which are famous for their rich flavor. They certainly made for a delicious and unique treat!

The White Peach Milk Manju was another favorite of mine. This little treat is dense and filling. Made with a white peach puree from the Yamanashi prefecture, this milk manju bun was a satisfying treat.

The Sakuraco Box also included mochi! This was a wonderful surprise. What was even better about this surprise was that these mochi were hidden under a small Mt. Fuji Owan Bowl. This bowl, upside down, looks just like Fuji-san and can be used for decor. Or it can be turned upright to be used as a bowl!

The Kinako Mochi were so delicately wrapped, I almost didn’t want to open them and ruin the wrapping! These mochi are more on the savory side. They are made with roasted soybean and go well with tea.

If you are interested in more savory snacks, Sakuraco Includes those as well. In this box, we received Miso Arare, a crispy rice snack with soybean sauce and red miso seasoning. The box also included Ototo Soy Sauce chips. These chips are flavored with iwashi sardine shavings from Mizutani Shoten, a century-old company in Shizuoka.

This month’s tea was Sencha with Matcha Tea. It wasn’t too bitter as matcha can sometimes be, and I really enjoyed the flavors and fragrance of this tea. It is perfect for cooler weather!

The box also included multiple types of crackers, or Senbei, to enjoy with tea. My favorite of which were the Almond Mochi Four Seasons Senbei. These crackers were light and had a great flavor made from almonds. The other crackers included aji shirabe, edamame, and soy sauce flavors. The Kokeshi Doll senbei were my favorite in terms of packaging. These treats look like little Kokeshi dolls. The wrapper of each features a kimono, face, and hair. The head is made from a roasted peanut and the body is a soy sauce flavored senbei.

Lastly, what would a tea-subscription box be without a few tea-flavored treats? Green tea is one of my favorite flavors when it comes to sweets, so I was happy to see multiple in this box! One of my favorites was the Green Tea Leaf cookies. These are tiny butter cookies made from tea leaves from the Shizuoka prefecture. They are the perfect little sweet to have along with tea. Another favorite was the Green Tea Dacquoise. This is made from two green tea infused meringues with a matcha cream center. Both green tea treats were sourced from Takayanagi Seicha. This is company located just outside Mount Fuji that is known for its tea. The booklet included in every Sakuraco Box included information about Takayanagi Seicha, their history and what they do. It helped me feel really connected to the food I was eating and made me appreciate the snacks even more!

I am very grateful I got to try Sakuraco's Mount Fuji inspired box! This box was like no other snack-related subscription services I've tried. There is so much to explore within these small boxes. Try unique treats you won't find outside of Japan, and learn about the lesser-known but equally important parts of Japan. This box is for anyone who wants to feel closer to Japan and its culture--and get some great snacks while they're at it!