JLPT N4 + New Lessons + Meet Aki!

Published October 11th, 2016

Today is a monumental day! It marks the end of the JLPT N4 on Nihongo Master! That means if you've completed our beginner and advanced sections, you should be able to pass the test! We have also hired a new Japanese instructor who has been busy answering your questions on the site! Since Aki is new, we thought we should introduce her to everyone with a friendly interview. welcome to aki!

Where were you born in Japan?

I was born in Wakayama city, which is next to Osaka. Wakayama has a UNESCO world heritage site called 'Kumano Kodoo pilgrimage route.'

Did you ever live anywhere else in Japan?

I studied in Tokyo and worked there for 3 years after I graduated. I love Tokyo.

Where are you living now?

I am living in Cambridge, UK.

What brought you there?

My husband works for a video game company in Cambridge, UK. Before that, we were living together in Singapore. We decided to move here when my husband received a job offer. I was also excited to make more international friends!

Do you still have family in Japan?

Yes, my parents and brother's family live in Japan.

How often do you visit?

Once a year. We normally visit Japan in winter, because I like skiing and my husband loves snowboarding. We also get to enjoy Japanese traditional new years' cuisine which my mother cooks at home.

What made you want to become a teacher?

When I started working overseas (Alaska & Singapore), I realised how many people want to learn Japanese. This gave me the passion to start teaching Japanese language and culture as a native Japanese person. I am also an English teacher, which I believe allows me to clearly explain Japanese language in English.

What's the one thing you think everyone studying Japanese should know?

Once you learn Japanese grammar rules, you will find Japanese is quite simple. It does not contain many exceptions, unlike English. I like to explain Japanese grammar rules clearly and simply and sometimes compare them to English grammar rules to demonstrate the differences.

Go ahead and check out Aki's profile on the site and say hello!

If you're ready to keep learning, then let's get to it.

Just Noticed!

japanese lessonsWow! We've just NOTICED that we're finishing the lessons for the JLPT N4 now! Be aware of the exam and keep going!

Impossible is Impossible

japanese lessonsSome people say that dreams come true if you wish. But "impossible is impossible"! Sometimes, we need to accept the reality.

No Matter When, No Matter Where

japanese lessons onlineFriends are priceless. It would make your life happier if you have a friend who you can count on "no matter when" and "no matter where," isn't it?

Some Kanji Waiting for You

online japanese lessonsWe've mastered several useful verbs such as "まつ (to wait)" and "とおる (to pass)." It's always good to know how to write the useful words in kanji!

Leave Your Fate to Diety?

japanese lessons onlineWhen you're desperate, you may want to pray God even if you are not religious. That is understandable, but you should try hard before you just pray God for help, shouldn't you?

Some More Kanji to Finish Up!

It is unbelievable that you've just finished all the lessons for the JLPT N4! Let's get this "additional" kanji lesson done before the exam. Then, you'll be all set! Remember to visit the Classroom to unlock even more drills to match these new lessons! Soon, you'll be on your way to becoming a Nihongo Master!