The NEW Advanced Classroom is HERE (along with New Advanced Lessons)!!!

Published March 21st, 2017

The last few months have been a crazy time here at Nihongo Master as we said goodbye to our beloved instructor, Masako. But luckily, we also said hello to our beloved NEW instructor, Aki! In addition to answering your questions on the site, Aki has also been busy designing our BRAND NEW CLASSROOM! That's right, since we finished the N4 back in October, we have been working hard on designing lessons for the JLPT N3! With our new classroom comes some BIG changes. The first is that our existing "Advanced" classroom, is now Intermediate. If you thought you were advanced before, now there is a whole new classroom for you to master! We are also going to be giving our classroom page an overhaul in line with the new design - but we haven't gotten there quite yet. For now you can check out our lessons and get your learning back in gear!

If you're ready to keep learning, then let's get to it.

japanese lessons

You are apt to be forgetful!

When you're always losing things, we can say you "are apt" to be forgetful. What other things are you apt to do? | japanese lessons | |---|

japanese lessons

You keep complaining...

Sometimes things just keep getting worse! | japanese lessons | |---|

japanese lessons

For a taxi driver, he doesn't know...

You would think a taxi driver would know all the places, but sometimes you may be surprised! | japanese lessons | |---|

japanese lessons

I visited my grandfather.

Kenichi visited his grandfather the other day...let's find out what he's been up to! | japanese lessons | |---|

20 New Kanji for You...

There are always more kanji to learn! | japanese lessons | |---|

Remember to visit the Classroom to unlock even more drills to match these new lessons! Soon, you'll be on your way to becoming a Nihongo Master!