New Feature: Drill Mastery

Published March 25th, 2016

Ask and ye shall receive: Drill Mastery has arrived!

We know lots of users were feeling overwhelmed with the same drills in their dojo again and again. So we have finally released Drill Mastery!

How Does It Work?

By default, any drill you answer correctly 5 times will be considered "Mastered" and will no longer appear in your dojo. If you'd like to see a drill more than 5 times, you can change that setting in your account settings, or you can disable drill mastery entirely if you'd like your drills to keep on coming back. drill mastery The most points any drill can receive going forward is 25 points. Whether you set it to 5 times to master or 8 times, you will still only receive 25 points for that drill. This is to keep things more fair across the board. Some users may have noticed their points going down over the last week as they completed drills. This is simply a function of the new points assigned to drill mastery and will even out as you continue your studies. Once you have completed those drills again, you will not lose any more points, except when drills expire (which has always been the case). If you have any questions about Drill Mastery, feel free to leave a note in the comments below!