Prepare for Excitement...

Published October 5th, 2016

Nihongo Master is Getting EVEN Better!

best japanese language site Don't worry, all of your favorite Nihongo Master features, lessons, and drills will remain the same. But lots of things will be changing for the better. We just know Nihongo Master will be the best Japanese language site out there! Over the next few weeks will be slowly rolling out:

Faster Everything!

We've upgraded to a new server and are streamlining the entire site to make it faster from top to bottom. Some of these changes have already rolled out, so we hoped you noticed how fast we are!!

A New Homepage

Nothing too big here, just sprucing up the old home page with our exciting new design.

A New Account Page!

The "My Account" page will now be known as your "Dashboard" where you can manage your next lesson, drills, community and group comments, and more. All in one easy-to-navigate space! best japanese language site

New Notifications

Group Posting Notification

Tired of your forum/group comments getting lost forever? Well fret not, we will be releasing a new group notification feature. You'll now get a notification bubble on your dashboard whenever someone posts in a group you follow! No more posting in a forum only to find out weeks later someone answered you. Getting our groups and forums as active as possible is important to you and so it's a top priority for us!

Community Question Notification

Just like in a group, if someone answers your question or votes for your answer on a question, you'll be notified so you can come back and check it out!

Larger Teams

You asked and we answered! By popular demand, team sizes will be expanded! We're still working out the details of larger team scoring and points, but you better start making friends and team up if you haven't already!

Exciting New Avatars

Tired of Kenichi's smiling face as your default avatar? We aren't, because we love Kenichi, but we thought having more avatars would be more fun anyway! New members will be able to choose from a list of avatars when they sign up and existing members can change out their existing avatar with one from the list as well!

A Whole New Classroom!

With the release of our next 5 lessons, we will have completely covered the JLPT N4. That means our new section will focus on the JLPT N3. We're already busy creating these lessons and we can't wait to share them with you!


We are never finished making Nihongo Master the best Japanese language site out there. Our community is the most important thing to tell us...

Are there any other changes you would like to see on the site? Let us know! We're always open to suggestions!