Traveling to Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Dining, Sights and Culture

Published December 13th, 2022

"People judge things by their own experience, not knowing the wide world outside." -Japanese Proverb.

Do you feel your view of the "wide world outside" may be narrow? What better way to expand your perspective and enhance your life experience than through travel?

Minato, Japan, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Minato has much to offer, from delectable cuisine to unique sights to rare culture. Here we offer a brief introduction to Minato, Tokyo, so you can start planning your trip of a lifetime today.

Visting Minato, Japan

Before you visit Minato, Japan, familiarize yourself with some of the most striking sights and famous eateries. This will help you create a schedule and prioritize which sights you want to see most.

With so much to do in Minato, Tokyo, one visit will never be enough to cover everything. So, learn beforehand and plan ahead.

Popular Sights in Minato Consider speaking with a local before your visit. Often, Minato locals will have insights into attractions or restaurants that may not be on Google lists, such as Yelp. While there are countless sights to see in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, for the sake of choosing some of the best things to do in Minato, here are just 3 of the top tourist sights.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

The great symbol of Tokyo itself, the Tokyo Tower, is a must-see. This lofty structure reaches 333m and serves as a radio tower. Of course, you can enjoy breathtaking views from either of its two decks. Look out and see Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tsukuba, and all of Tokyo city.

This is one sight that's great at night. The Tower's "Landmark Light" paints beautiful pictures in the night sky and completely transforms the skyline.

Baisoin Temple

"A temple open to the city." Ume windowin conducts cultural lectures, musical performances and concerts, Buddhist courses, and more community events here. The temple was built in the residence of Aoyama-kun when his vassal Oichu Aoyama Daizo Shosuke Kosei died.

This beautiful nature space is designed to reflect all 4 seasons. Enjoy the peace of the gardens and learn more about the history of Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills

Shopping, dining, art, movies, offices, apartments... a park! Roppongi Hills is massive enough to house it all. A whopping 12.0-hectare site, this structure boasts a size 8 times greater than what the Tokyo Dome could cover.

The Mori Tower has 52 floors. It reaches 250m above sea level, and as if this wasn't enough, there is a 360-degree glass observation deck so you can get an unbeatable view of the entire city.

Don't forget another attraction within Mori Tower that's worth seeing in and of itself: the Mori Art Museum.

On top of that, literally, is the Sky Deck, where you can take in a panoramic view of the entire Tokyo cityscape. Visiting Roppongi Hills is unnegotiable when it comes to things to do in Minato.

Minato, Tokyo Restaurants

No matter where you are from or what your food preferences are, you cannot get the full experience of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, without immersing yourself in the matchless cuisines available.

Because there are too many excellent options, we've selected 3 quintessential Minota eateries.

Gyopao Gyoza Roppongi

It's ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, so naturally, we list it first as well. In all seriousness, you can't find a better locale to sample the best of both Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Home to the famous pork-gyoza, this restaurant is small, retro, and always popular. Technically a Japanese and Taiwanese fusion restaurant, it's got over 1400 reviews online raving about the food and the staff.

Just be aware if you add this spot to your itinerary, to make a reservation beforehand. Not only can the place be crowded, but making a reservation guarantees you receive a free dessert. If you're not a native speaker, a few introductory lessons may give you the skills necessary to order from a menu, speak with a waiter, and pay for your meal.

Sushi no Midori Akasaka

It ought to be a crime to visit Minato, Japan, and not try sushi. One of the greatest aversions tourists have to this is 1. A fear of raw fish, and 2. The high prices are often associated with quality sushi.

Fortunately, Sushi no Midori Akasaka, located in the Akasaka tower, eliminates both of these worries. The variety of fresh fish options is sure to offer even the pickiest tourists something flavorful and delicious.

Many travelers enjoy Sushi no Midori Akasaka as well for its reasonable prices for great sushi. Also boasting great online reviews, you won't want to leave Minato without trying this sushi.

Kobe Beef 511

Are you a fan of Japanese steak houses? Then Kobe Beef 511 is your stop. It offers first-class meats and expert chefs who only select the finest meats from the Tajima Cattle in the Hyogo Prefecture.

The meat must go through many strict tests and meet the highest standard to receive Kobe approval.

While this restaurant is pricey, it's widely considered not only one of the best steakhouses in the area but in all of Japan.

Plan Your Trip to Minato, Tokyo Today

Minato, Japan, has more culture, interest, and beauty than could ever be summed in one Minato travel guide. You must experience its singularity.

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