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Published January 3rd, 2024

What an incredible year it has been for us at Nihongo Master! In the early months, we revamped our classroom structure, introducing the concept of bundling lessons into skill sets. Now, you have the opportunity to earn badges for mastering a skill, determined by your quiz performance. But our journey doesn't end there—we've been hard at work implementing even more enhancements, and we can't wait to unveil them to you!

Improved Kana and Kanji Information

During lessons that cover new Kana (Hiragana or Katakana) or Kanji, you'll notice characters transitioning seamlessly from printed to handwritten forms. Although there are subtle differences, it's crucial to grasp and recognize both variations!

The Hiragana character for 'O'

Welcome Professor Toshiro!

Introducing a delightful new feature—Professor Toshiro! He's your dedicated study companion, eager to assist you in honing your Kanji skills. Simply click on the pencil icon above to engage in hands-on practice and perfect your Hiragana character strokes with his guidance.

Practice Writing with Professor Toshiro

Kanji details with Audio Recordings

As you navigate through the Dictionary, you'll now encounter audio recordings for both the On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi readings. Simply click on "Show Readings" to explore the diverse readings and listen to their accurate pronunciations.

  • シャ
  • くるま
Dictionary Details Print Practice Sheet

Print Your Own Practice Sheets

Practicing your Japanese writing is crucial for memory reinforcement. Click the Printer button next to any character to quickly download a PDF. Print it out and practice your writing at home effortlessly!

Get Your Own Practice Sheet

Improved Personal Study Lists

Ever wished to build your own collection of Japanese words and Kanji while exploring new material? Previously, crafting study lists was quite intricate. We've revamped the process, making it incredibly easy to browse the dictionary, swiftly add words and Kanji, and seamlessly incorporate them into your personalized drills. Enjoy a more streamlined approach to managing your study lists!

Create Your Own Japanese Language Learning Journey with Study Lists

Now Drills Are Even More Fun!

Welcome back, Professor Toshiro! He's now part of your Drills experience, providing sound effects for both correct and incorrect answers (which can be turned off). Enjoy enhanced visual cues indicating the remaining number of drills. If you happen to answer incorrectly, you'll benefit from improved colors and labels, making it easier to identify your mistake and the correct answer. Get ready to conquer those drills with these exciting updates!

Drill Baby Drill

Now, what are you waiting for?

If you're already a member, you'll see these new features in the classroom. If you haven't yet started your Japanese language learning journey with us, signup now to start your free 7-day trial!