We tried Sakuraco's authentic Sakura Festival snack box!

Published April 22nd, 2022

We at Nihongo Master understand that learning Japanese is much more than just understanding words and grammar. It's also getting a knowledge and appreciation for the culture and a part of any culture is its food! We tried Sakuraco's Cherry Blossom event subscription box and we were blown away! So many authentic and locally produced snacks, straight from Japan. It's a great opportunity to learn about each small company and learn some new Japanese food words as you go! Here are just a few of our favorites! Check out our instagram for more pictures and video of this gorgeous box and check out Sakuraco for monthly Japanese snack boxes delivered right to your door!

Sakura Wafer

These sakura cookies were almost too beautiful to eat! These gorgeous cookies had sakura designs printed on the outer wafer. Inside was a filling made of a sweet and smooth cherry blossom flavored cream. These cookies were sweet but not overly so, with a taste like a sugar cookie. The outer wafers were crisp and broke with a satisfying snap commonly found in Japan’s senbei. The cream inside was a perfect addition!

Sakura Daifuku

What would a Japanese treat box be without some daifuku or mochi? In this month’s box, we received a bag filled with individually wrapped daifuku. Daifuku are small mochi with a center filling, usually a bean paste. The daifuku included in this box were small, pink and white, and bore a striking resemblance to cherry blossom petals! They were flavored with cherry blossom and had a soft anki bean paste filling. They were sweet with just a hint of floral flavor. They were one of my favorite snacks included in the box!

Sakura Green Tea

Every Sakuraco box includes tea! Appropriately, this month’s tea was a sakura green tea. Cherry blossom green tea is one of my all-time favorite tea flavors, so I was ecstatic to see it included in this box. And the tea did not disappoint! It had a light, floral taste with a natural sweetness commonly found in sakura flavored tea.

Sakura Kanten

(vegan) This light jelly block has a delicate flavor that blends so well with the incredible sakura green tea in the box! It's light pink color is lovely to look at as it reminds you of the sakura cherries it's made from!

Sakura Kuzumochi

Kuzumochi is a Japanese wagashi made from kuzu or wheat starch. It often comes in the shape of a little mochi cake. The kuzumochi featured in this month’s sakura-themed box included a whole pickled cherry blossom within the kuzumochi. The jelly itself was sweet, similar to a jam, with a decadent flavor like a syrup. The blossom was a nice touch to help me feel closer to the sakura festivities going on in Japan!

Sakura Jelly

(vegan) Another delicious jelly offering, but this time a lighter, spoonable dessert! IU also tried it on some wonderful crusted bread from our local bakery. A light and smooth treat, also pairs excellently with the tea. The jelly also has apple in it to give it more a sweeter taste.

Milk Manju

Manjus are a traditional Japanese sweet with a cake-like outside and a bean paste or jam filling. The manju included in the sakura box was sweet and dense like any good manju should be with a slight hint of spices.

Apple Cookie

The box included a couple apple-flavored snacks because their light and crisp flavor pairs well with the floral cherry blossoms. These apple cookies were made with apple pulp from Nagano’s famous apples boiled in honey. The result was a delicious, crisp cookie with a slight apple flavor and a bit of spice, similar to an apple muffin.

Nagano Apple Jam Bun

Japan offers some of the best sweet buns and pastries out there! The one included in this month’s box was a soft pillowy bun filled with a sweet apple jam made from Nagano apples! According to the box's brochure, these buns were made with a technique used by Italian bakers for soft, moist dough. This treat was the largest snack found in the box, and it was satisfying, but not too filling.

Sakura Side Plate

In each box comes a delightful souvenir. This side plate was one of three possible designs and holds the snacks provided in such a beautiful way! A lovely addition to any tea time set up.

Senbei Boat

This is one of the more unique treats featured in this box! Senbei are a type of Japanese rice cracker that are crispy but light and airy. These senbei came in their own edible boat, which evoked images of boat rides down canals to view cherry blossoms. These senbei come in a variety of flavors, many of which are commonly found in sushi, such as shrimp, crab, and wasabi.

Sakura Senbei

These thin, little cookies have a beautiful cherry blossom design printed on each. These cookies are classified as senbei, and they have a texture like a waffle cone or a fortune cookie. They are crisp, light, and go excellent with the sakura tea included!

Chili Arare

With all the sweets included in this month’s box, a savory snack is a nice respite. Included in this box was the chili arare. Arare are a type of Japanese cracker, usually with a puffy texture. These arare were made with hot chili oil from Okinawa and chopped spring onions. The brochure advertises these crackers as being spicy. While they did have a bit of heat to them, they weren’t too spicy, even for those with a low spice tolerance such as myself. I worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these due to their spice, but that wasn’t an issue. I was surprised how much I enjoyed them!