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My Japanese study materials & resources - What are yours?

Posted by ローレン 7 years ago

Posted 7 years ago

Hello, I thought that some of these resources might be useful to fellow Japanese language learners, besides Nihongo Master that is! I do not attend any formal classes on Japanese, here are a few things that have been useful to me and my "self-studying/teaching."

For learning Kanji:

  • Kanji Gold ~ This is a very simple and small program (Windows) for learning and reviewing kanji. As rudimentary as it is, it alone has enabled me to learn 400+ kanji thus far, quite quickly as well. Major plus, it is free :)
  • Rikaichan ~ This is a browser extension which provides definitions and meanings of kanji by placing you mouse cursor over kanji on webpages.

Listening/ Speaking Practice

  • Pimsleur Japanese ~ Pimsleur gets mixed reviews, some seem to strongly dislike the program, and some, like myself enjoy it. I am currently listening to lessons in Japanese II. It works for me, although I do not follow the Pimsleur suggestion to limit studies to Pimsleur lessons only. ~ I do feel that if my studies were limited to Pimsleur only, it would be a substantial setback in regards to my understanding the language. Pimsleur is not free, however, I do have some free transcript/study notes/vocab PDF's on the lessons written in Hiragana, Katakana and English that I can send to anyone interested, so let me know.

General Studying

  • Anki - a free flashcard program where you can study Japanese. I use it for vocabulary, listening, and kanji learning. Many "decks" on learning Hiragana and Katakana are available as well if you have not yet learnt them yet as well.

Online Quizzes

Well, those are some of the resources I use that I thought I might share. If they are useful to anyone I will be glad to hear it.

Does anyone else have any resources for learning Japanese that they would like to share as well?


Posted 7 years ago

I started out using Living Language. It's an online course that you can get at Barnes and Nobel. It's on the same lines as Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur but not near as expensive. It came with three workbooks, audio cds, a year online course, and a Kana book. This course is great for beginners. It has a great online community with serssions set up with a tutor about once a week. I also use a few apps from Apple's app store. I-Sokki for vacabulary and Kanji Study for, well, Kanji. Both have extensive libraries and have been working really well.

Jace *\(^o^)/*

Posted 7 years ago

I've found this resource to be invaluable for development of reading comprehension. There are articles for every level of learning, and furigana to help with unfamiliar Kanji. Very cool.


Posted 7 years ago

I got varies aesop fables from:


They are short and simple, so can be listened to in sperts, and because they are famous, I know the storyline laready to most.  This means I can figure some of it out.


Posted 7 years ago

Up untill now all of my study has been viz and I honestly can't reccomend it enough. Coupled with the free app it's been invaluable. Yu guys should deffinatly check it out!


Posted 7 years ago

For an app i recommend 'imiwa?' great dictionary which gives sample sentinces and breaks down the kanji. it also shows you the strock order. is an interesting website. it provides words of the day, simple conversations and reading comprehension passages. all with audio. you can also choose how you want to read it. romaji, kana or kanji. so it's great for all levels.


Posted 7 years ago

i use "imiwa" as well. Its awesome.  I also got Jay Rubin's book "Making Sense of Japanese" and also have used online sites such as Busuu and Lang-8. Have a bunch of books, too. 


Posted 7 years ago

I'm all over the board! Favorites, include: youtube subscriptions, I'm looking into verbal planet, taking some of the advice on this site, and am fond of Japanese from Zero, Erin's Challenge. Mango is offered free via the public library. With Mango, there aren't a lot of lessons, but there are movies you can pick apart, learn word-for-word the entire dialogue, male vs. female speak, etc. Mixi is an option for practice with native speakers when your skype is working properly (mine does, here in Alaska, half the time!).


Posted 7 years ago

I'm currently using WaniKani for kanji learning (, Tae Kim's site and Genki textbook series for grammar. I also have Japanese pod 101, and the Dictionary of Beginner Japanese Grammar


Posted 4 years ago

Thankyou this is really useful, and after the last comment I signed up to wanikani too.