Any Sport Anime Fans?

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What are some of your favorite animes revolving around sports? I'd say that mine would be Prince of Stride, Haikyuu, and Kuroko no Basket.

Posted 4 years ago

I love Haikyuu and Free! :)

Posted 4 years ago

Haikyuu and Free!

Kuroko no Basuke was amazing too but it's kinda old now 

Posted 4 years ago

Free was amazing!


Posted 4 years ago

I like Inazuma Eleven , though ... The story is pretty amaizing and nice ...  

Atsuko Rika
Posted 4 years ago

Yuri!! on Ice is airing :3 Check it out!

Posted 4 years ago

Hi guys! We heard someone say the reply in here wasn't working, so I'm just giving it a quick test :)

Taylor A.
Posted 4 years ago

OH MY GOD I was not into sports anime until my friend introduced me to Days and since then I've been watching sports anime and i caught up on Haikyuu within two weeks ahahhahahha but hiakyuu is BOMB 

Posted 4 years ago

I have watched Kuroku no Basuke, Free!

Yuri!!! on ice is airing right now! It is absolutely Brilliant! A

All of them are a Must Watch

Charvie Mishra
Posted 4 years ago

I love haikyuu,free,yoi

Posted 1 year ago