Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul and other anime

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Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, Free!, Yuri on Ice!!!, Another, Death Note, Blue Exorcist, Black Butler, Attack on Titan(SnK),  etc.

Ships? OTPs? Fav Characters? Cosplay? Anyone? xD Let's telk about anime!

Posted 3 years ago

i love all of  those anime

arent i a dork XD

Reagan O
Posted 3 years ago

i also love anime so muchhh!!! it made my day..plus im a otaku..XD


Sushie chan
Posted 6 months ago

my hero academia? Sailor Moon? 

Posted 4 months ago

Hunter x Hunter?

kiwi kitty
Posted 4 months ago

My fav is GINTAMAAAAA...................

Posted 2 months ago

i love anime so much (PLANDERER AND DEMONS SLAYER)


prince ZYCO
Posted 1 month ago

How could you guys forget about Naruto.

the best anime ever

Posted 1 month ago

Goblin Slayer is better 

carlos vazquez
Posted 1 month ago