Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul and other anime

アニメ・漫画 (Anime/Manga)

Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, Free!, Yuri on Ice!!!, Another, Death Note, Blue Exorcist, Black Butler, Attack on Titan(SnK),  etc.

Ships? OTPs? Fav Characters? Cosplay? Anyone? xD Let's telk about anime!

Posted 1 year ago

i love all of  those anime

arent i a dork XD

Reagan O
Posted 1 year ago

I love all these anime and have also cosplayed as them too! Ive cosplayed as ciel phantomhive, Jellal, tsukiyama, and I basically cosplay as yurio everyday because my friends call me him becuase i look so much like him!!! Im going to comic and anime con again this year but as my all time favorite Lelouch Vi Brittania as Zero (im making the costume myself so its going to be a challenge!!!) My favorite ship from fairy tail would have to be nalu and jerza (especially jerza)

Posted 1 year ago