Your fave anime ships?

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So, what are you guys' fave ships? Mine are SebastianxCiel (Black Butler) and KanamexYuuki (Vampire Knight). Excited to see all these answers xD

Posted 4 years ago




yuuri x viktor (yuri!!! on ice)


eren x levi (aot)(but only if eren is older or levi is younger.)

kaneki x touka (tokyo ghoul) (oh god thats my only straight ship here?!?!)

Reagan O
Posted 4 years ago

Yuki and Kaname! (If not them, then Sakura and Kakashi)

Posted 3 years ago

Kae Serinuma and Shima Nishina from "Kiss Him, Not me"

Posted 3 years ago

Hey, anyone alive?

Posted 2 years ago

I like Lucy and Natsu (Nalu) ship from fairy tail. Where my FT fans at? <3

Posted 1 year ago

todaroki x deku 

Posted 1 year ago

i am definitely a fan of Lucy and Natsu (Nalu) and Jellal x Erza (Jerza) from fairy tail 

kiwi kitty
Posted 1 year ago

I'm normally not for shipping but Kiribaku all the way (BNHA) 

Posted 1 year ago