Why did you decide to learn Japanese?

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I'm half Japanese, so it's always been hard for me to speak to my grandparents in skype. I wanted to learn more about Japanese Culture. I never grew up with Japanese, only Anime and my grandparents on skype. I'm hoping to visit my grandparents in Japan and therefore I thought I'd be great if I at least could speak Japanese to them.

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Hi everyone!


I actually wanted to learn Japanese originally from my college's library twitter account. They were highlighting their research guides, and one of the guides they highlighted just so happened to be on learning Japanese! This caused me to get the wheels in my head turning. "Okay, so I am currently a Game Development student in college. If I learn Japanese, that could open up an entire wealth of new employment options for me!" So I sit here right now developing my newfound goal to visit Japan for a week into an action plan, breaking down the goal into more and more manageable pieces. One of those larger pieces is to become at least socially fluent in Japanese so that I could get around Tokyo at the very least.

I look forward to going through this journey of learning Japanese with you all! =D

Posted 1 year ago

Lots of good goals on here. 

I think I originally learned Japanese to feel better connected to a foreign group of people that I couldn't see, touch, or feel. I wanted the chance to be able to understand parts of their culture and understand how they differed from the people I was raised with.

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I love Japanese culture art and people!

Michael Karicas
Posted 1 year ago

Anime is the main reason I want to learn nihongo. So I don't have to read subtitles and also when I go to Japan I can communicate with the locals.

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Got into anime a few years ago, then I just started falling in love with the culture. I've been to Japan since then and a long term goal I have wirth my partner is to have a small apartment there, just a single room with a tatami, food storage somewhere to eat and a bathroom. I want to be able to communicate with the locals when I visit and understand more when watching shows/anime.

Posted 1 year ago