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I would really benefit from some sort of a search engine. Say I want to review a lesson on "plain negative ichidan verbs". Currently it's complicated to find a lesson you already covered. But with a search engine... voila! I got it!

Another thing I'd benefit from is many times I click a link from the front page of a lesson that somebody just completed. I see the lesson, but I've no idea what Classroom covers that. Maybe a tab could be highlighted for each lesson - Introductory/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced, and that will help place the lesson.

Posted 2 years ago

Yes, I agree! You should talk to Taylor (either of the Taylors) about this improvement! We would all benefit from it.

Posted 2 years ago

Mrs Taylor already mentioned, she is working on it, but it's quite a lot of work.

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks all for your responses!

After I wrote that, the next day I read where they were going to add a search feature to the site (or something along those lines). Looking forward to it. I used to be a web programmer, that was the kinds of things I would do for my sites.

Posted 2 years ago

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