Hi I'm new here! Nice to meet you! Can you suggest a good anime? Thank You! BTW, I'm from Philippines! Thanks again!

アニメ・漫画 (Anime/Manga)

Hi I'm new here! Nice to meet you! Can you suggest a good anime? Thank You! BTW, I'm from Philippines! Thanks again!

Posted 5 years ago

Hi! I'm also new here...what type of genre? I'm also from the Philippines! 

Posted 5 years ago

Hi :)

I'd recommend Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Posted 5 years ago

If you're into romance, I LOVED Kaichou wa Maid-sama!! Kamisama Hajimemashita was also amazing. WATCH THEM!!!

If you're into more gory anime, Tokyo Ghoul is a must. Also, Mirai Nikki.

I'm not really sure which genre this fits into, but 07 Ghost was my favorite for a long time. Another one of my favorites that has been my favorite for over a year and a half now is Black Butler.

If you like yaoi, there's Junjou Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, both of which are awesome! If you like yaoi and haven't watched them yet, watch them!

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is great, and so is Kuroko no Basket. Even though I'm not really into sports  (I'm the most unathletic person EVER!), I LOVE IT! Soul Eater and Vampire Knight are also high on the favorites list.

I'm also watching the new Fairy Tail right now, just finished the old one yesterday, and it is DEFINITELY not overrated, so watch that too!


That's all I can come up with off the top of my head, so seeya!

Shirodo out!

Posted 5 years ago

i'm from Philippines too... so far I'm streaming 6 animes.. try these titles

aldonah zero, (mecha)

psycho pass, death parade, tokyo ghoul (psychological)

gugure kokkuri-san, ansatsu kyoushitsu, gekka shojo nozaki kun(comedy)

ano hana, barakamon, kimi to boku, (slice of life)

kyoukai no kanata, noragami, tonari kaibutsu-kun, tamako market, nagi no asukara nodame cantible series (my personal fav)

and the list goes on...

Chiarah Marie
Posted 5 years ago

I strongly recommend One Piece. Thats if you like action and adventure. One Piece is very popular in Japan and its my favourite!

Posted 5 years ago

I'm also from the Philippines. I recommend you Black butler it's kind a yoai but it's not yaoi. Lol. Kamisama Hajimemashita, the season 2 is still on going, Hidan no Aria is amazing too. Akatsuki no yona is really beautiful but it's still ongoing.

Posted 5 years ago

I'm also from Phillipines..i'd recommend tokyo ghoul,death note, hunter x hunter, naruto, one piece, kaichou wa maid sama, corpse party, shingeki no kyoujin.. :)

Posted 5 years ago

I recommend No Game No Life, Psycho Pass and Log Horizon. :)

Posted 5 years ago

katekyoshi hitman reborn

sword art online

log horizon

one piece

kaichouwa maid-sama



diamond no ace

kuroko no basket

yowamushi pedal

detective conan

eyeshield 21


hunter x hunter 2011

prince of tennis


Posted 5 years ago