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Kanji Details for 窺

Strokes count

Strokes: 16

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lie in wait, spy on, reconnoiter
  • うかが.う
  • のぞく

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 窺う, 覗う

    to peep (through); to peek; to examine (esp. covertly)

    to await (one's chance)

    to guess; to infer; to gather; to surmise

  • 窺知

    perception; understanding

  • 覗く, 覘く, 窺く, 臨く

    to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.)

    to look down into (a ravine, etc.)

    to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.)

    to sneak a look at; to take a quick look at

    to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.)

    to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.); to peek through (sky through a forest canopy, etc.)

    to face