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pull, tug, jerk, admit, install, quote, refer to
On'Yomi Readings

On'Yomi Readings

  • エイ
On'Yomi Readings

Kun'Yomi Readings

  • ひ.く

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 引く, 曳く, 牽く

    to pull

    to draw (attention, etc.); to attract (interest, etc.)

    to draw back

    to draw (a card)

    to draw (plan, line, etc.)

    to catch (cold)

    to play (string instr.)

    to look up (e.g. dictionary); to consult

    to haul; to pull (vehicles)

    to subtract

    to ebb; to fade

    to descend (from); to inherit (a characteristic)

    to quote; to raise (as evidence)

    to lay (a cable); to draw (a cable)

  • 綱引き, 綱曳き

    tug of war (orig. a form of divination to predict whether the year will be favourable or unfavourable)

    forward puller (of a rickshaw)

  • 底引き網, 底曳き網, 底引網, 底曳網

    trawl (net)

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