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Kanji Details for 遷

Strokes count

Strokes: 15


Radicals: 西

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transition, move, change
  • セン
  • うつ.る
  • うつ.す
  • みやこがえ

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 移す, 遷す

    to change; to swap; to substitute; to transfer

    to change the object of one's interest or focus

    to spend or take time

    to infect

    to permeate something with the smell or colour of something

    to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.)

  • 移る, 遷る

    to move (house); to transfer (department)

    to change the target of interest or concern

    to elapse (passage of time)

    to be permeated by a colour or scent

    to be infected; to be contagious; to spread (as in fire)

  • 変遷

    change; transition; vicissitudes