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Kanji Details for 抜

Strokes count

Strokes: 7



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slip out, extract, pull out, pilfer, quote, remove, omit
  • バツ
  • ハツ
  • ハイ
  • ぬ.く
  • -ぬ.く
  • ぬ.き
  • ぬ.ける
  • ぬ.かす
  • ぬ.かる

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 抜く

    to extract; to omit; to surpass; to overtake; to draw out; to unplug

    to do something to the end

    to ejaculate (gen. with ref. to masturbation)

  • 抜ける, 脱ける

    to come out; to fall out; to be omitted; to be missing; to escape; to come loose

    to fade; to discolour

    to wear out (to the point of forming a hole, e.g. clothes)

    to leave (e.g. a meeting)

    to be clear; to be transparent (e.g. of the sky)

    to exit (a program loop)

  • 抜き

    without; not including; dispensed with

    (beating) in succession