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Kanji Details for 附

Strokes count

Strokes: 8



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affixed, attach, refer to, append
  • つ.ける
  • つ.く

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 付近, 附近

    neighbourhood; neighborhood; vicinity; environs


  • 寄付, 寄附

    contribution; donation

  • 付ける, 着ける, 附ける

    to attach; to join; to add; to append; to affix; to stick; to glue; to fasten; to sew on; to apply (ointment)

    to furnish (a house with)

    to wear; to put on

    to keep a diary; to make an entry

    to appraise; to set (a price)

    to bring alongside

    to place (under guard or doctor)

    to follow; to shadow

    to load; to give (courage to)

    to keep (an eye on)

    to establish (relations or understanding)

    to turn on (light)