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Kanji Details for 乱

Strokes count

Strokes: 7



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riot, war, disorder, disturb
  • ラン
  • ロン
  • みだ.れる
  • みだ.る
  • みだ.す
  • みだ
  • おさ.める
  • わた.る

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 混乱

    disorder; chaos; confusion; mayhem

  • 乱れる, 紊れる

    to be disordered; to be disarranged; to be disarrayed; to be disheveled; to be dishevelled

    to be discomposed; to be upset; to get confused; to be disturbed

    to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)

  • 波乱, 波瀾

    troubles; ups and downs; stormy, uproarious (i.e. relationship)