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Kanji Details for 掠

Strokes count

Strokes: 11



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pillage, rob, graze, skim, sweep over, cheat, hint
  • リャク
  • リョウ
  • かす.める
  • かす.る
  • かす.れる

Popular Words With This Kanji

  • 侵略, 侵掠

    aggression; invasion; raid

  • 略奪, 掠奪

    pillage; plunder; looting; robbery

  • 掠める

    to steal; to rob; to snatch; to pocket; to plunder

    to deceive; to trick; to cheat

    to graze (in passing); to skim; to brush against; to touch lightly

    to appear and quickly disappear (a thought, a smile, etc.); to flit (through one's mind, across one's face)

    to do (something) while no one is looking

    to hint at; to suggest; to insinuate